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Softwall Cleanrooms :

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana is growing across the United States with increased federal regulations put in place for grow rooms. CleanZones, LLC specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality air filtration equipment, systems and cleanrooms for the cannabis industry. As leaders in cleanroom construction for food, pharmaceutical and medical applications, we can develop modular cleanroom systems to meet FDA, USDA, cGMP, USP 797 and USP 800 compliance standards.

Cultivation & Grow Rooms Features

Softwall, Hardwall and Semi-Hardwall modular clean rooms, Air Showers are available for custom design, manufacturing and installation at your growing facility. Our cleanrooms and products offer optimal processing features for the cannabis industry, including:

  • Air filtration
  • Lighting
  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Control with versatility

Many options are available for these systems including clear antistatic vinyl curtain for static concerns or all stainless steel frames for pharmaceutical applications.

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Softwall Cleanroom Property :

A softwall cleanroom (also known as a portable cleanroom) pretty much describes itself, as does a hardwall cleanroom, at least when it comes to the construction materials that are (obviously) primarily used for the walls. A softwall cleanroom is typically installed for relatively short-term use, such as a university research project that won't be repeated. You wouldn't use a soft wall cleanroom, particularly if it wasn't equipped with an effective air shower, for long-term manufacturing needs. For such an application, a hard wall cleanroom would be the order of the day. A softwall cleanroom can have walls made from a wide variety of flexible (soft) materials that are typically hi-tech fabrics that are non-air permeable. You can even order an inflatable, soft wall cleanroom for the ultimate in savings due to the typically smaller size of a soft wall cleanroom that can be installed and subsequently removed with a minimum of effort. A hardwall cleanroom, on the other hand, can require a great deal of site preparation and below ground infrastructures that add to the overall expense of a Hardwall Cleanroom that is designed and built to last a lifetime.

A hardwall cleanroom may very well require electrical, water, propane or other systems to be installed below grade, which, of course, adds to hardwall cleanroom construction costs. A softwall cleanroom, however, will typically have wholly self-contained operational systems that offer 'simply plug it in' convenience and big dollar savings. The choices are clear – a softwall cleanroom for economy and short-term use vs. a hardwall cleanroom for lifetime durability at a higher cost.

Softwall cleanrooms offer the ideal solution many people had never heard of. Now that you know about soft wall cleanrooms, you'll also want to know where to find the highest quality softwall cleanrooms at the absolutely lowest price. Problem solved, you've just discovered all that and more right here.

You Need a softwall Cleanroom that Works for You 24/7/365 - Our most advanced design and manufacture of the soft wall cleanroom that perfectly suits your needs. We're number one – the acknowledged soft wall cleanroom leader. For more information on our softwall cleanroom, call 888-399-2464 or send us a message: Contact Us