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The Story of CleanZones

CleanZones, LLC offers a full service approach to the cleanrooms industry. Our six-step approach will allow customers to feel confident that they will receive exactly what their requirements are, when they want it and how they want it. Our design and manufacturing capabilities include the areas of steel, stainless, thermal plastic and wood and laminates.

David McClelland

My Name Is David McClelland

I have served on numerous technical writing committees within the industry, been instrumental in the rewriting of updated standards for design, building and evaluating clean air devices "IEST-RP-CC002.2 Unidirectional Flow Clean-Air-Devices". I have also served on writing committees for testing cleanrooms and certification agencies. I have been a member of the IEST "Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies" for 15 years and have presented courses on "Design Considerations for Unidirectional Flow Devices" at their annual technical meetings. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from NJIT, "New Jersey Institute of Technology" and a member of ASME, "American Society of Mechanical Engineers".

I have been in the cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment industry for over 20 years. I'm a mechanical engineer with experience in all phases of operations, sales and design functions. I have received a patent in 1991 for the design of a fan filter unit that has helped to revolutionize the industry.

Industrial Cleanroom Equipment

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CleanZones, LLC specializes in the design, manufacture of high quality air filtration equipment and systems for the cleanroom industry. Expert design and installation of cleanrooms from Class 100 through 100K (softwall, hardwall, semi-hardwall, modular) including interfacing walls, panels, ceilings, doors and windows. Air showers, polypropylene filtered fume exhaust hoods, laboratory casework, unidirectional Class 100 work stations, fan filter units, wet process stations and a variety of other contamination control products complete our product line.

Our specialty is full service custom products without the custom cost. CleanZones six-step approach ensures that customers will receive products that match their exact requirements, on time and on budget. Our design and manufacturing capabilities include the areas of steel, stainless, thermal plastic and wood and laminates. 

Six steps for cost-effective solutions:

Initial Consultation

Expert comprehensive evaluation of needs and required air quality level.

Engineering & Design

Experienced staff provides the necessary CAD drawings.


Manufacturing process to your exact specs and budget.


Optional installation of the entire system or expert guidance and support.

Certification & Testing

All products tested to assure compliance with government and industry standards.


Optional maintenance customized to requirements including annual maintenance contracts.