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Below are some examples of softwall cleanrooms designed, manufactured and installed by CleanZones, LLC:
Softwall Cleanroom Softwall Cleanrooms

CleanZones, LLC offers our Softwall Cleanroom with the latest design considerations for ease of assembly and use.  These Softwall Clean Rooms are available as a pre-designed and engineered system to meet every application.  The Softwall Cleanroom can be easily installed in any location to provide a Clean Environment where you need it.  They are used for electronic assembly, medical device assembly, product isolation, spot cleanliness over fill line applications in every conceivable size and room cleanliness classification.  The standard unit is composed of a Clear Satin Anodized Aluminum Frame for an aesthetically pleasing look with minimum maintenance.  Units are available with floor anchors, leveling feet or casters for portable applications.


Many options are available for these systems unit including clear antistatic vinyl curtain for static concerns or all stainless steel frames for pharmaceutical applications.  Consult our factory trained experienced sales engineering staff for more details.

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Softwall cleanroom property

A softwall cleanroom (also known as a portable cleanroom) pretty much describes itself, as does a hard wall cleanroom, at least when it comes to the construction materials that are (obviously) primarily used for the walls. A soft wall cleanroom is typically installed for relatively short-term use, such as a university research project that won't be repeated. You wouldn't use a soft wall cleanroom, particularly if it wasn't equipped with an effective air shower, for long-term manufacturing needs. For such an application, a hard wall cleanroom would be the order of the day. A softwall cleanroom can have walls made from a wide variety of flexible (soft) materials that are typically hi-tech fabrics that are non-air permeable. You can even order an inflatable, soft wall cleanroom for the ultimate in savings due to the typically smaller size of a soft wall cleanroom that can be installed and subsequently removed with a minimum of effort. A hard wall cleanroom, on the other hand, can require a great deal of site preparation and below ground infrastructures that add to the overall expense of a hardwall cleanroom that is designed and built to last a lifetime.

A hard wall cleanroom may very well require electrical, water, propane or other systems to be installed below grade, which, of course, adds to hard wall cleanroom construction costs. A softwall cleanroom, however, will typically have wholly self-contained operational systems that offer 'simply plug it in' convenience and big dollar savings. The choices are clear – a softwall cleanroom for economy and short-term use vs. a hard wall cleanroom for lifetime durability at a higher cost.

Softwall cleanrooms offer the ideal solution many people had never heard of. Now that you know about soft wall cleanrooms, you'll also want to know where to find the highest quality soft wall cleanrooms at the absolutely lowest price. Problem solved, you've just discovered all that and more right here.

You Need a softwall Cleanroom that Works for You 24/7/365 - Our most advanced design and manufacture of the soft wall cleanroom that perfectly suits your needs. We're number one – the acknowledged soft wall cleanroom leader. For more information on our softwall cleanroom, call 1-888-399-2464 or email Contact Us

More Information on Softwall Cleanroom

Who Says You Can't Afford a Top Quality, Softwall Cleanroom? Have you looked at our very low price for a soft wall cleanroom? Did you know that you can buy a 'top of the line' softwall cleanrooms for thousands less than you ever thought possible? Did you know that our company specializes in soft wall cleanroom design, fabrication, and installation? Did you know that a hard wall cleanroom is far more affordable than you ever imagined? Talk to us about a soft wall cleanroom and we'll give you all the good news.

Soft Wall Cleanrooms Can Really Save the Day - How can softwall cleanroom save the day? By saving your budget from imploding, 'that's' how soft wall cleanrooms can save the day. Soft wall cleanrooms mean you can actually 'afford' the air quality you require for your short-term or temporary project. Not that our soft wall cleanrooms can't stand for years because they can. Our soft wall cleanrooms are super durable and we guarantee it. If you've been thinking about soft wall cleanrooms that offer a great low price and super fast installation.

Talk to us first about all your air shower, clean room, hardwall cleanroom & needs –  We offer Softwall Cleanroom to suit every need for a cost-competitive price that will truly surprise you. we absolutely guarantee you you'll be glad you did!

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