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Air Shower, Hardwall Cleanroom, Softwall Cleanroom

CleanZones, LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality air filtration equipment for the Cleanroom industry.   CleanZones, LLC offers a wide selection of products, such as Air Showers, Cleanrooms - Softwall Cleanroom and Hardwall Cleanroom, Polypropylene Fume Exhaust Hoods, Laboratory Casework and Filtered Exhaust Hoods, Unidirectional Class 100 Work Stations, Fan-Filter Units, Wet Process Stations, and a variety of other contamination control products.

CleanZones, LLC offers a full service approach to the Cleanroom industry. Our six-step approach will allow customers to feel confident that they will receive exactly what their requirements are, when they want it and how they want it. Our design and manufacturing capabilities include the areas of steel, stainless, thermal plastic and wood and laminates.  We offer custom products without the custom cost.

Cleanzones is a leader in building clean rooms Softwall cleanroom and Hardwall cleanroom. Cleanzones builds clean room using Self-powered T-grid HEPA filter ceiling module, air shower, custom fume hoods or stock fume hoods. The fume hoods, exhaust fume hoods and laboratory fume hoods can be incorporated into any module we build.

Softwall cleanroom is a cost-effective and versatile solution for providing a localised clean environment without having to modify existing facilities.  

Fume Exhaust Hood, Portable Cleanroom, Modular Cleanroom

By combining you cleanroom with exhaust fume hoods, Cleanzones can solve all your needs. Whatever the application for the clean room, we have the answer. From modular clean rooms to custom using Laminar flow work stations or a wet process station. Our wet process stations can include a wet bench.  Cleanzones can fulfill you needs for cleanrooms, portable clean rooms, Modular with pass through and wet process stations. Laminar flow hoods can be incorporated into our custom clean rooms. Our portable cleanroom can be made to your specs. Our portable clean rooms and modular can be incorporated with a wet process station, wet bench, laboratory furniture hood, fume exhaust hood, or an air shower. We also can make Negative flow exhaust workstation and containment work station. The containment work stations is a free-standing console design with a confined work chamber that prevents airborne powder/dust from contaminating the plant or lab atmosphere, or cross-contaminating other products in the air, and protects operator and plant facility.

Our Negative Flow Exhausting HEPA Filtered Workstation is a Free-standing console that provides containment of contaminated air through intake at work chamber. The initial prefilter collects gross contaminants, then the air passes through an exhaust HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air, 99.99% efficient on .3 microns) for removal of the remaining contaminants to .3 microns.

Talk to Us First About All Your Clean Room & Air Showers Needs - In today's world of ever-increasing high technology, the need for a clean room environment grows. From portable clean rooms to permanent structures, cleanrooms are in high demand. We're clean room specialists and experts who have the technology and expertise you need to provide you with a modular cleanroom that's ideally suited to your highly specialized needs. From the manufacture of electronics to software to pharmaceutical products to scientific instruments to so much more, cleanrooms provide the dust particulate-free environment needed for countless applications. Whatever your clean room needs might be, our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates will be able to guide you through the entire design and clean room construction project.

From the hardwall clean room engineers and designers to the purchaser to the installation contractor and more, be sure to work with a company that insists on excellence in everything they do. That’s us. From company/client communications to 24/7 technical support and assistance to premier quality products and outstanding installations, we do portable cleanroom right. If you’re wondering why the air quality isn’t what you need it to be in your clean room, an air shower is most definitely a step in the right direction.

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